The Venue


World renowned *award winning architect/designer **Antonio Di Oronzo creates his finest masterpiece, a cutting edge vision of the next generation state of the art nightlife and private event venue.

*2011 Hospitality Design Award Winner, 2009 & 2010 Boutique Design Award Winner, 2009 International Interior Design Association Winner, 2009 Interior Design Magazine Merit Award.

**Previous clients include: Greenhouse Nightclub, Juliet Nightclub, Guest House Nightclub and Home Nightclub- NYC, Cosmo Nightclub and XO Nightclub- Las Vegas.

Aura is a nightclub and event space in the East Meadow section of Long Island [NY], conceived to indulge the senses with plush interiors, state-of-the-art lighting, and crystalline sound.

First and only N.Y. venue featuring a flexible LED video display screen ceiling.
1st and only east coast venue showcasing fully integrated D&B Audiotechnik electroacoustics direct from Germany and designed by KM Productions.
Elevated and LED illuminated VIP Tables.
Private banquettes appointing dance floor.
Curved upholstered walls and DJ booth.
Soundproof curtained entranced and exits.
Private VIP entrance.
LED illuminated bars.
Cherry Oak hardwood floors.

The venue is conceived as a vibrating space that is as fluid and mobile as light and sound… interfering in ripples, waves, swells. Surfaces of light undulate and push, soft walls lift and reveal… all is ephemeral and light… momentary.

The space is layered with a series of vertical planes progressively rising as they approach the center of the room. As these reverberating surfaces rise and float, they reveal a slanted lighting grid that clarifies their materiality of chocolate brown vinyl and their edges outlined with a deep red vinyl. Beyond the innermost winding surface is an arrangement of undulating chromed panels and LED mesh screens playing and amplifying video signals and the vibe beneath. These panels are hanging from the ceiling and seem to be precarious.

The space is structured on two main levels and is fitted with three bars, one of which is free- standing at the lower level. If all the design systems from above are surface-like, all that is on the ground has a linear essence. Walnut rods line the bars and structure the tables by the banquettes, and are organized in a random arrangement.

This space offers no straight profiles, just as no living being does.